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nimbus certification

Kosher certification allows companies to have an edge over their competitors and allows them to sell to more clients than previously and creates export opportunities that previously did not exist to them. It opens up the American market in particular where Kosher is almost a market pre-requisite in order to get ones products into the American market. In Israel it is a market requirement and we find that Europe is also following the trend in America so it is a very fast growing market. Kosher Certification is also taken out by many clients even if they are not selling into the Kosher marketplace or to Jewish people as it is seen as a sign of quality and reassurance. Our clients will range from the large multinationals like Proctor & Gamble & Unilever right down to small companies and right across the globe from the UK to Indonesia etc.

Kosher certification is very different to ISO, HACCP, BRC, & ORGANIC certifications as it is based on our religion rather than on health and safety aspects. We always must use one of our Rabbis for the Initial Inspections, Audits or supervision as a requirement to comply with Kosher regulation and Kosher law.

However I must point out that there is a vast difference between Kosher Agencies and the validity and acceptance of Kosher Certificates. Kosher certification is very different from other certifications in that it all depends on who is giving the certification. If it is a small agency or a local Rabbi or a non recognized agency then the Kosher certificate will not be recognized and the company will find that their certificates are being rejected. Unfortunately we get many companies who come to us after they have already taken out Kosher certification with a local Jewish community or unrecognized kosher agency and then request us to give them kosher certification so that they will get the worldwide universal recognition that they require. These companies are then upset at the amount of time and expense that they have wasted because they went to the local Rabbi or Jewish community that provided them certification for a low price. Companies must only go to the large & respectable Kosher Agencies that can give them universal and international acceptance.

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